Yoshiki Yamazmumi

Yoshiki Yamazumiは、日本の漫画、アニメ、ゲームやSNS上のイラストに見られる「萌え擬人化」を主題に作品を制作する日本のNFTアーティストです。萌え擬人化のイラストにアートの要素が視覚的に組み込まれイメージ化された彼の作品は、モチーフを要素化し、視覚的に萌えを刺激するようイメージ化する「萌え擬人化」における境界の曖昧さを表現します。

Yoshiki Yamazumi is a Japanese NFT artist whose work focuses on the subject of "moe anthropomorphism" as seen in Japanese manga, anime, games and social networking illustrations. His works, which visually incorporate elements of art into moe anthropomorphic illustrations, express the blurring of boundaries in "moe anthropomorphism," in which motifs are elementalized and imaged to visually stimulate the moe senses.

1996. Born in Tokyo
2020. Dropped out Waseda University Faculty of Human Sciences
2021. Started art
2021. Group Exhibition “Earth to Sky” (Van Der Plas Gallery,New York,USA)
2022. Solo Exhibition Yoshiki Yamazumi NFT solo Exhibition “Moe Anthropomorphism - 萌え擬人化表現主義” (Hifive Gallery, Saitama, Japan)
2022. IVS 2022 NAHA _auction
2022. Group Exhibition "PARDEY BASE SHIBUYA" (PARDEY, Tokyo, Japan)
2022. Group Exhibition "NOX Pre-Opening Exhibition" (NOX Gallery, Tokyo, Japan)


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