Y2 FACTORY は【共創するアート】をコンセプトにコレクターの【提案】と【投票】を元にNFTアートの制作・販売を行うweb3型 アート工場です。

Y2 FACTORY is a web3 type art factory that produces and sells NFT art based on collectors' "suggestions" and "votes" based on the concept of "CO-CREATING ART".



Y2F creates an "AGENDA" based on the "OPINIONS" of the HOLDER, which is shared with the PROPOSER along with a "DOCUMENTS" summarizing the "OPINIONS". PROPOSER creates and submits a "PROPOSAL" based on this, Y2F compiles the "PROPOSAL", shares it with HOLDER, HOLDER votes on it, and Y2F develops the "CONTENTS" based on the results of the vote. PROPOSER is "ELECTED" by the candidacy of HOLDERs who meet certain conditions.


Y2F TICKETは、Y2Fにおける投票権です。作品の購入やホルダー特典により入手することができます。所有数に応じ、Y2Fにおける影響力が決まります。

Y2F TICKET is a voting right at Y2F. They can be obtained through the purchase of artworks and holder rewards. The number of TICKETS you own determines your influence in Y2F.

創世石 -Genesis Stone-

創世石 -Genesis Stone-(GSS)はY2Fのエコシステムにて使用可能なERC20のpolygonチェーンで作成されたトークンで、Y2FのSHOPにてNFTと交換することができます。GSSはTwitterやディスコードで開催されるgiveawayやミッションにて入手できます。

Genesis Stone (GSS) is a token created on the ERC20 polygon chain that can be used in the Y2F ecosystem and exchanged for NFTs at the Y2F SHOP. GSS is available through giveaways and missions held on Twitter and discord.