Q: What is Y2F TICKET?

Y2F holds voting events as one of the participatory contents.

Y2F TICKETs are used for the various voting events in the various Art Projects.

Y2F TICKETs are accumulated each time these are earned (these are not consumed after voting), and the number of TICKETs you own determines your influence in the voting process.

Q: How to get it ?

Y2F TICKETS can be obtained by purchasing or holding specific works through primary distribution or by participating in GIVEAWAYs or missions held via Twitter, discord, etc.

The number of 【GIVEAWAYs and missions】 held on Twitter, discord, etc. will be 3 pieces distributed, with the exception of special events, login missions, etc. They will be distributed at the date and time set at that time.

The number of items to be distributed 【for purchase in the primary distribution】 will be determined at the time of distribution and on the date and time also determined at that time.

Distribution by 【Holding】 will be distributed on the 16th of each month to the works in the collections listed below, in the number of pieces corresponding to each description.

Yoshiki Yamazimi

60 per work


30 per work


30per work


30 per work


1per work


1per 5 works

※Please note that the conditions for holding are subject to change.

Distribution by holding is based on a snapshot taken on the 16th of each month.

The distribution by holding may be slightly delayed in some cases.

Q: How to check the number of holdings

Since Y2F TICKET is a token created under ERC1155, you can check the number of the tokens you own at Opensea. You can access to Onesa from the following URL and connect your wallet to the site.