Allow List

 Y2FにおけるAllow List(AL)は、優先ミント権を意味します。Y2Fでは無料でミントすることのできる権利であるFree mint(FM)に加えて、ミントを確実に行うことのできるAL1と優先してミントを行うことのできるAL2の2種類のALがあります。

In Y2F, Allow List (AL) means priority minting, and in addition to Free Mint (FM), which is the right to mint for free, there are two types of AL: AL1, which ensures minting, and AL2, which gives priority to minting.

Your AL holdings


Y2F manages ALs with ERC20 tokens in the polygon chain. You can check the number of AL/FMs you own by importing tokens according to the following procedure.

*The following procedure corresponds to the case where a meta mask is used.

ネットワークをPolygon Mainnetに設定してください。
Set the network to Polygon Mainnet.

Select import tokens.

Enter the token contract address, token symbol, and token decimal (check the various project pages for this information.) Please enter the token contract address, token symbol, and decimal number of the token.

Select import tokens.